Life is Good


Whole Life as Retirement Income

Staten Island Insurance Agency, DCF Insurance, can show you how to get a two for one bang out of your life insurance.

Insurance for a life time provides a death benefit plus a tax-deferred cash value accumulation.  With a Whole Life policy cash values can be borrowed from the policy (tax free)  to supplement retirement income, pay education expenses or get ready cash for emergencies.

Dividend Payments

A Whole Life policy with Mass Mutual makes you eligible to receive dividends from the company’s surplus profit, which makes your insurance policy a guaranteed investment.

Your dividend payments can be used to pay your loan interest or to pay your premiums, thus making your life insurance policy a retirement investment while at the same time providing guarantee family death protection.

Start with Term and Trade up

Start with the cheaper term life insurance policy when the family is young and income is low and then convert to whole life in the later years without having to prove your insurability.  Keep your coverage and start saving for retirement.