Life is Good


Born in 1851, Mass Mutual has grown and thrived. Surviving wars, depressions, recessions, and changing markets. Through the years however, the company focus has never changed. We help people build a strong financial base with insurance and then assist them in taking the next steps toward a secure financial future.


  1. Our newest and most innovative product is the whole life policy with the long term care rider. Truly a great combination of two financial protection products. A long term care rider is attached to a whole life policy.  Permitting the insured to access up to 90% of the death benefit should he or she need money for long term nursing home care or 24/7 home care.  Any unused portion of the death benefit is then passed on to the beneficiaries of the insured upon death.  So not a penny of the premium is or cash value is lost!
  2. Protect your business with key person business insurance.  With this policy, the company buys and pays the premiums for a life insurance policy covering the life of the company owner or key employee.  Key employee policies help retain key employees without increasing employee compensation. More importantly, key person insurance can be used to retain control of the company should the owner or majority shareholder die rather than succumb to a forced sale of the company.
  3. Insurance can protect your income. How long can you survive without a paycheck? How will the mortgage get paid, the tuition get paid, the rent get paid if there is no paycheck coming in? Mass Mutual is a leader in the professional disability insurance field. With various options to choose from, we can develop a disability plan that will protect your future income and not hurt your pocketbook in the meantime.
  4. Term Insurance. For the young and growing family with a modest but growing income, term insurance provides the best protection against the loss of income and support from the breadwinner. Believe it! The premium for $500,000 in coverage for a  healthy male or female under age thirty can be as low as $30 per month and that is what it would remain for the life of the term be it 15, 20 or 25 years.
  5. Whole Life insurance is more expensive but most of our clients like the fact that a whole life policy is in fact a safe and secure savings machine. The whole life policy builds up its own healthy cash value which can be used for:
    • Tuition payments
    • Retirement s supplement
    • New car down payments
    • Surprise dream vacations
    • Wedding expenses
  6. The Annuity contract is the final link in the chain of financial security.  An annuity contract guarantees the preservation of your principle with a modest investment return over the life of the contract.  You decide what goes into the contract and you decide what comes out when you are ready to retire. You need not worry about the stock market because your money is fully protected.

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