Life is Good

Life Insurance

For local Staten Island term life insurance experts, you’ll find the personalized service you need with DCF Life Insurance. Are you married? Have children now or expect to? Own a home with a mortgage? Then you simply must have life insurance.

We understand the economic pressures you face and we are confident that we can show you a life insurance product that will fit your pocketbook.

Term Insurance: Low fixed premiums for a definite period of time. Term insurance can cover you and your family during the early years or pay off your mortgage in the event of death.

Universal Life: Higher but flexible premiums which can be raised or lowered as your income dictates. Although a reduction in the premium may also result in a reduction in the death benefit and cash surrender value. In addition, this policy will accumulate a cash surrender value from which you can borrow.

Whole Life Policy: Coverage for your whole life! Premiums are highest but are locked in at the time of purchase. The premiums generate a growing cash surrender value which will be returned to the insured if the policy is canceled.

For more information on Staten Island term life insurance plans that the DCF Insurance Agency can offer you, give us a call today at 718-509-6327 or e-mail for quote information.